Tree Removal Services

Serving St. Louis Missouri and St. Louis Metro East Illinois

Tree removal is important to consider when trying to maintain the value of your property. Removing certain trees that may be crowding and harming other trees can enhance the beauty of your property. Dead and dying trees are hazardous and should be removed properly and safely by a professional. We have experienced tree climbers on staff and trained bucket truck operators to perform any type of tree removal.

Because they have just grown too large for their surroundings or from the result of disease, insect infestation, storm damage or age, taking down trees efficiently is an art form. Many tree removals require qualified arborists because of their proximity to buildings, power lines, or roadways. Due to the risk to people and property it is very important that you do not attempt to remove such trees yourself.

We can help you decide if and when trees need to be removed. When the time arrives that a large tree needs to come down, we are ready to do the work and ensure that the job is done right and at the right time of the year.